The 'Crime' of Body Shaming

Before people mastered the art of  paying attention to people’s comments and the concept of ‘not caring’ cropped up.  Many people have been affected by the travails of body shaming.

Body shaming is a real phenomenon plauging the society. More heartbreaking than the phenomenon itself is the sheer ignorance or willfully persistence of those who commit it. Many perpetrators are not even aware of their engagement in this act. You make comments which is nothing but a simple back-handed comment to you. This comment is to another the definition of their existence. To you, it’s an inconsequential statement you utter in passing. But that comment carries a heavy weight on the recipient’s psychology.

These are words that continue to echo in his or her head long after You have forgotten the conversation. He or she might laugh it off or worse, laugh along with you while harbouring a deep resentment for the words you uttered. However, in the confines all his room, he ruminates on it. Those comments are seeds which could germinate into depression.

solutions to body shaming

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The hardest part is that  the closest persons to the recipient are sometimes the ones who commit this blunder. The recipient becomes the subject of ridicule to people whose opinion matter most. Imagine if your excesses and inadequacies are constantly pointed out by someone you love or admire. Just imagine.

It is not easy escaping the bottomless ditch of depression and self loathe that body shaming brings. it takes courage, occasional self doubt and a lot more wallowing in depression. People have committed suicide because of this ‘crime’ of body shaming. Body shaming might be  trivial to many but it is a very sensitive matter to the minority of the population whose feelings should matter. This fact cannot be stressed enough.

One might argue that a victim should not really care about the opinions of others, loving yourself is ultimate. Well, it’ll be difficult to love yourself when you’re constantly spiked by negative comments about your body.  It might take a while but that self confidence or the lack thereof will wear down. Besides, not everyone possesses the impenetrable wall of ‘I don’t care’ that some are blessed with. Most humans had to build it through years of experience.

The 'Crime' of Body Shaming

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Nobody deserves to be a victim of body shaming. No one has the right to be a perpetrator either. The world would be a better place if body shaming is boycotted.

There is no set standard for the ideal body structure or shape. Don’t give meaningless tags to people just for the fun of it. Never shame other body types to validate your own. Bruno Mars said it all in his hit song, “you’re amazing Just the way you are”.


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