Is There Really Sweetness in This Life? | By Akande Wuraola

Is there really sweetness in this life? Is there any enjoyment in this life?

This world that will give you sweetness in the morning, sadness in the noontime and gnashing of teeth at night.

The life some people are drinking tea, some concoction. Some have houses to sleep while some sleep outside because they have none. Some feed on meat while some on bones. The life that allows the evil-doer and still allow a good person.

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Is There Really Sweetness in This Life? | By Akande Wuraola

Is anyone above death? Absolutely none. Our body craves for heaven but our body detests death. If one doesn’t die he can’t go to heaven. Just live as if there isn’t tomorrow. Think about after life. Remember God always. Do good things. Make your body rest after your death.

Yoruba people will say “Ojo iku ni ojo isinmi“. It is essential to know that death day isn’t the rest day it’s only the rest day for those who have done good in life. Let’s try as much as possible to work better for our after life.

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Rodiat Wuraola Goldkem HerbsAkande Rodiat Wuraola is from Osun state. She is currently a student of Obafemi Awolowo University from the department of agricultural economics. She’s also a member of the united medium-scale farmers (OAU) chapter where they rear bees as a member (apiary groups).

Rodiat Wuraola is also a certified project manager from the vintage school’ of leadership and personal development. She is a herbs doctor, she makes research on herbs to cure different ailments. Check her website Goldkelm Organics Herbs and Skincare

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