5 Amazing Things That Can Give You Unlimited Happiness

Happiness as a feeling is what almost everybody wants. A life without unlimited happiness can be frustrating and even disturbing. Without a doubt, happiness can make every endeavour as easier as everything.

A life without happiness may be difficult to achieve desired goals or objectives. It is a feeling that serves as a stimulus to make you stronger and energetic to make your dream come into reality.

However, as a human being, we see things in different ways. What is up to me might be down to you and vice versa. For this reason, what can give me happiness might not be what gives you happiness and so on. There are many things that give and brings happiness but in the different form. Some people derive happiness from eating, drinking, sleeping, playing games, watching movies or other activities.

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All the stated above activities are personal happiness I do call it. You only do those activities to derive happiness just only for yourself. I sometimes called it ‘Selfish happiness‘.

Generally speaking,  what brings unlimited happiness rather than selfish happiness is the happiness you enjoy and some other people in your society or community also feel simultaneously. You derive happiness from the activities whereas other people also feel happiness from your acts. What are now the activities that can give you unlimited happiness?

The following are the five (5) things that can give you unlimited happiness;

1- Give to the needy

Giving out to the needy out of what you have brings happiness to both the giver and the receiver. Don’t think until you become the richest man in your community or country before you can give out to the needy.

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2- Defend the oppressed

Another thing that can make you glad is the defending of the oppressed people. Kindly use your position or power to defend the oppressed. No doubt about that, you will make the oppressed happy and also in other way happiness will also surround you.

3- Feed the poor

Feeding the poor is one of the acts that make unlimited happiness surrounds you all the days. Don’t waste that food you know you can’t eat, find the poor beings make them happy.

4- Help people in distress

Helping people in a distressed mood is also an act which makes you feel happy and also makes the people that receive the helping hand happily too.

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5- Visit the sick

Visitation to those in the hospital makes them feel happy. This act makes forget the feeling of being alone. Kindly cultivate the act of visiting the sick people on the bed.


I believe all these five above listed activities make happiness to surround you. I believe if you can do this, aside from the happiness this world will be easier to live.

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