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7 Lovely Tips on How to Become a Better Girlfriend

Becoming a better girlfriend has been a headache for many young ladies. In this article, the issue of becoming a better girlfriend.

Every once in a while a girl will meet a great guy – you know, one that ticks all the boxes. Smart, kind, educated, tall, financially responsible, resourceful, handsome, not forgetting a great personality to wrap up such an almost-perfect package.

In such instances, it is natural to feel the pressure to ‘step up’ your game and flair to be the best wife or girlfriend to this superb-out-of-this-world guy. Right?

Well, if this describes you – even remotely – here’s how you can be a better girlfriend to your all-deserving partner.

  1. Help him Fix his Problems – Stop Trying to Fix him

We live in a day and age where its extremely rare to come across an individual who isn’t grappling with one issue or another- be it personal, financial, emotional, physical or social. Such is the kind of technical world that we live in – one that is punctuated with a myriad of dicey scenarios and unfoldings. As you may know already, even the most seemingly loving, attentive and adorable of boyfriends/husbands will have a couple of faults sticking out like a sore thumb.

It could be a small bad habit that he’s been unable to shake off or a long-time buddy that you don’t necessarily find likeable. We are only human. However, your maternal instincts imply that you’re more inclined to want to ‘fix’ him rather than aid a helping hand in solving his problems. Which, of course, explains why most men often complain of their nagging or ever-complaining better-halves.

Be different; men will naturally appreciate the genuine support but rigidly resent any attempts – however sincere – to change him. Let him be, instead, focus on helping him improve the state of both of your lives.

  1. Compliment Him

It’s surprising how most women are oblivious to the fact that men love been complimented as much, if not as often, as we do. And this is especially true if he goes the extra mile to hit the gym, stay in top shape and complement this by dressing presentably. So, don’t shy away from telling him occasionally of how dashing he looks with that tuxedo on. Or how sexy his biceps look as he steps out of the shower. Even better, nothing is as more attractive as a woman who can spot beyond the obvious physical – such as his intelligence or kindheartedness.

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  1. Subtlety Show Him Love in Public – Catch Him Unawares too!

Although men are not naturally emotional beings, this does not necessarily imply that they don’t appreciate occasional subtle romantic gestures every once-in-a-while. It can be as simple as a naughty thigh graze to as open as a midstroll kiss. Either way, you pleasantly surprised at the beam of happiness that lights up his face when he knows that you’re thinking about some of the most intimate moments that you two privately share even in public.

  1. Trust him – or At least Try not to Act so Suspicious

Well, in as much as we as women are naturally jealous beings, it pays to exercise some restraint and give the man some credit. Truth be told, men are instinctively wired to hate insecure and suspicious wives or girlfriends.

You have to train your mind how to trust him; in fact, if you cannot trust the man, then you’re not with the right person, to begin with. So, instead of rummaging through his phone or constantly questioning his whereabouts, it would do more harm than good to have some faith in what you share together, for starters.

  1. Your Relationship Shouldn’t be the Focus of your Life

As a modern woman, it is helpful and even healthy to have a life apart from your romantic relationship. In any case, if you didn’t know this is actually what attracted him to you in the first place. Therefore, don’t be the damsel that fall head over heels in love with a man and loses her social, professional or religious circle. Simply put, maintain your usual focus.

Have a side hustle/hobby/pastime to occupy yourself regularly. Also, don’t forget or cast away your immediate friends/family that you originally had before you met him. Above all, expand your knowledge base by learning new things on a daily basis. This is primarily what makes a woman irresistible.

  1. Honesty and Faithfulness Pays

Nothing will wreck any relationship – regardless of how seriously it is – faster than infidelity or traits ( tell-tale signs ) of infidelity. Speaking of which, reserving sex for him is not enough. Go a step further and make it succinctly clear to all your close friends or colleagues. Especially your male pals that you’re in a serious romantic relationship with so-and-so.

This is a necessary red-tape measure to avoid situations/gestures from your closest circle that could be misconstrued for unfaithfulness by your boyfriend. What’s more, if he feels that he can trust you with his life, then there’s no stopping him from giving the world to you.

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  1. Shower Him with Gifts Every Once in a While

Just like compliments, women at times tend to forget that men also secretly love surprises, gifts, and romantic getaways. It doesn’t have to be a daily affair. To become a better girlfriend, you can limit these to some of his special days such as his birthday or significant holiday seasons such as Xmas and New Year. All in all, an impromptu gift – can be as plain as a pair of shoes or a nice belt – out of the blues is guaranteed to work wonders in improving the positive outlook of your relationship.


Finally, adding to the above gem points, another way of being a better girlfriend is giving your man space and time to hang out with his buddies. The boys, as they are fondly referred to – is the last line of defence between your lover and any unfortunate emotional or physical occurrence that may accost him.

What’s more, men are like wolves. They roam in packs and always enjoy a good time cheering their favourite soccer or rugby teams.


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