DAY 5: Change The Old Mentality; You Are Just Too Lazy to be Wealthy

DAY 5: Change The Old Mentality; You Are Just Too Lazy to be Wealthy

“You are just too lazy to be wealthy. Money is not selective, therefore, we can all make money.”

After giving my opinion on the question raised by a reader on the differences between a wealthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle.

A friend who is a writer and also a fan of this series asked; there is rarely something called contentment because human beings are insatiable. Let me put the words has constructed by him.

“I sincerely think contentment can be something bad. I can’t be a millionaire and be content when I can make billions.”

Also, I know many readers could also have the same thought. Yes, humans are insatiable, however, being satisfied is the key to live a healthy life. When you spend wisely, there will be rooms for more savings and this invariably makes you invest in order to increase your cash flow.

However, when your basic salary is N20,000 monthly and you are living an N100,000 lifestyle, this means you are not contented. Therefore, you are living above your financial capacity, you couldn’t save which could translate to no investment.

DAY 3: Change The Old Mentality; How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Back to the last sentence of the DAY 3, Nigeria youths’ mentality about wealth. Many of them want quick riches and enjoy a perfect life. Yes, money doesn’t discriminate, it is not selective, and it cares less about your religion.

I promised in the last piece that I will show our youths the ways to quick riches. Many youths see wealth or money as an enemy. Are you surprised? You wonder you could see the resources you gathered either legally or illegally as an enemy.

Seeing wealth as your enemy doesn’t mean you don’t want to have it. Money is the engine oil that makes one’s life go smoothly.

Therefore, wealth should be seen as your friend, not an enemy. Let me progress before you judge me, the moment you have the resources as advised in the previous days don’t spend over your budget. When you spend moderately, you tend to save more and your savings shouldn’t be tied down, therefore, it should be invested in something that would bring more cash flow.

Our Nigeria Youths think in another way round when they have the money, they spend it extravagantly, they spend as if there would not be tomorrow. You begin to wonder if this man or woman works for this money. When you spend without thinking then you are seeing money as your enemy. It means you don’t want it. You ask the wealth to go away.

I’m not surprised because the source of the wealth hasn’t endured any sweat. Many youths today have no work than the Almighty Yahoo+ and betting (gambling). I know this will bite many because they tend to justify both activities as the ways of surviving as a result of bad economy of the nation and rates of unemployment.

Dear Yahoo+ and Betting brethren, you are too lazy to be wealthy. You need to get up very early and start working smartly.

I don’t want to bother you with a long piece, let me cut it short. The order of the day is the yahoo+, being lazy and willing for quick riches. The way those fellow spend you know they see wealth as their enemies. 90% of them don’t think of savings let alone invest the money made illegally for a constant cash flow.

DAY 4: Change The Old Mentality; Healthy Lifestyle vs Wealthy Lifestyle

When the normal fraud is no more working they beseech the spiritual way. Many lives have been lost for rituals by the Yahoo brethren in order to make their ways. You know it all, no need to burden with my explanation.

President Muhammad Buhari said some Nigerians youths are lazy. Though it might be an insult to the personality some hardworking youths who are striving, however, truly some youths are extraordinarily lazy.

Some youths will spend all nights doing permutations to stake games. They want to use an N100 to win an N500,000 or much. If you can sit down and make reasonable predictions it means you will be better and successful if you can do something more productive.

Yes, there are many ways you can make money without wasting precious time praying for green today or tomorrow. You combined 20 games and only match cut it and shows a red colour. Get back your sense. Money is not selective you can also make it.

The fact is many youths are not prepared to work. They are not ready to make sacrifices, not ready to learn, not ready to sweat but want to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle.

Don’t be too lazy to be wealthy. Money is not selective, it cares less about your religion, your background, your colour, and therefore, you can also make it in life.

When you endure you will surely enjoy it.