Top Secret Every Business Owner Must Know To Make Great Sales

Top Secret Every Business Owner Must Know To Make Great Sales | By Jumoke Balogun Amolegbe

It is a pity when I see many business owners complain about not making sales every month.

But then, let me ask you a question?

Can you rate your customer satisfaction and experience?

When I started my business, I understood the science behind customer experience and satisfaction.

I travel in and out of the country. Whenever I go out shopping, I can’t help but fall in love with their customer relationship. There is indeed utmost respect and love for customers.

This and many more were part of the reasons I made up my mind to treat and handle my customers with so much care because I understand that a lot of business owners don’t care about how customers feel or what they experience when performing business transactions.

Customers satisfaction has always been the secret to why my business is successful. The ability to understand how customers want to feel after transacting business with you is very important.

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Let me share this experience.

When a customer walks into my pharmacy, we welcome you by saying “You’re welcome to Jurdynal Pharmacy, How may we help you?”

There is a particular lady that came to the pharmacy recently and she was surprised at the way we greeted her. She had to look back thinking the greeting was meant for someone else. She was shocked! Then she ‘Wowed’. She expressed her pleasure and was impressed.

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Another instance was when my husband went somewhere, the guy didn’t know him but he kept talking about my pharmacy and how impressed he was. When you walk into the pharmacy, you get 98% of whatever you need and I know that for a business to thrive it must be well-stocked.

It is important to also have the knowledge of your products and satisfy your customers. When they come, you welcome them well and get to connect with them. To experience great sales, you must connect with your customers, understand them and make them feel like royalty.

Top Secret Every Business Owner Must Know To Make Great Sales

Giving freebies and other bonuses to your customers is a great way to keep them for life. When you build a good customer relationship, they will keep buying from you. It is not a surprise that I have customers that have relocated to Canada, the UK and America but once they are in Nigeria, they don’t hesitate to patronize my business.

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Not because there is no other pharmacy but because of the trust they have for me. So, I encourage any business owner to build customers loyalty and train their staff. Make good customer service one of the cultures in your business.

When people talk about your business, one thing they should be particular about is your customer’s service. The more they talk about you, the more you will make money.


Jumoke Balogun Amolegbe: MD/CEO at Jurdynal Health ltd.

Jumoke Balogun Amolegbe: MD/CEO at Jurdynal Health ltd.


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