100% Effective: How To Treat All Eye Problems Naturally Using Bitter Cola


1. Get a little container with a cover or let me simply put it, get a used EYE DROP bottle (WASH inside to clean all the liquid in it).

2. Then boil a little water (half a cup is OK).

3. Wait for the water to cool down(the water is boiled so it will kill all bacteria in it)

Note: it’s mandatory to boil the water

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100% Effective: How To Treat All Eye Problems Naturally Using Bitter Cola

4. Pour the cooled water into your little eye drop empty bottle…

5. Then cut three of your BITTER COLA into pieces then gently drop them into the same bottle with the boiled-cooled water.

6. Cover it nicely then keep it in a room temperature for 3 good days without touching it.

  1. On the 3rd day, shake it very well then use it as an EYE DROP.

Shake it before using one drop twice daily is okay

Note: ON THE FIRST DAY, YOUR EYE MAY TURN RED AND ITCHING A LITTLE. You must not panic, it is actually cleaning all the dirt on your eye. Within a few days, you won’t see it again.

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Also, do not cover the tip of the water drop with your hands (so that you don’t contaminate the bottle with bacteria).

Always make sure your drop tip is clean and safe.

If you have GLAUCOMA, use it for 30-60 days. However, if you have MYOPIA, use it for 21-30 days

It will help to solve all eye-related problems. Your remedy must be replaced on the 21st day of its use. I mean you renew your remedy again for 21- 60days.

CREDIT: Goldkelm Herbs and Organic Skin Care

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