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5 Types of Politicians We Have in Nigeria By Idowu Caleb

5 Types of Politicians We Have in Nigeria By Idowu Caleb (K Screptum)

There are five roles people play in politics: Politicians differ from their behaviours and the way they impact on lives.

  • The Cruel
  • The Selfish
  • The Rationale
  • The Liberal
  • The Statesman
  1. The cruel:

Power is simply his goal. No iota of humanity in him. He crushes everyone on his path to power and uses and dumps people at will. Therefore, avoid them if you can. If you can’t, protect yourself.

  1. The selfish:

They may not be that crazy about power but they will always negotiate anything for their personal interest especially when money is involved. They don’t give a damn about humanity. Swim with them but watch your back. They can never be trusted.

  1. The rationale:

Half man, half beast politician. He hates and loves as the case demands. He gives and takes on his own term. Our global political space is also full of them. Swim with them but ensure you swim right. There is a lot to benefit from his kind.

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  1. The liberal:

When a revolutionary by thought or action join politics, he becomes liberal. He is disgusted with the way things are and is willing to bring in a flavour of change and progress. Also, everyone who works with him is compensated in a way because he is a lover of people. When you come across him, by all means, work with and for him. A woman who also decides to get involved in politics will probably be liberal. Liberals are rare.

  1. The Statesman:

When a liberal acquires enough political knowledge and experience, he becomes a statesman. In another form, a politician may become a philosopher or a philosopher becomes a politician. A Statesman comes once in one hundred years. If you fail to recognise him when he arrives, your nation is doomed.

You are written a history that will be read by you and the coming generations.

Define who you are, history is written.

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