5 Funniest Way to Know an Internet Fraudster in Nigeria | By Ogunobi Oluwaseyi Mary

Internet fraudsters are vague in Nigeria and these fraudsters have the same identity. There are ways to identify an internet fraudster in Nigeria. Nowadays, If you live in Nigeria, this topic of how Nigerians know an internet fraudster won’t be new to you.

Below are some of the funniest ways to know an internet fraudsters in Nigeria:

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1. They have braided, locked, or dyed your hair:

Generally, our parents see boys that braid their hair or dye it a different color as irresponsible. What you do with your hair tells a lot about you in Nigeria. Nowadays, young boys tend to dye their hair in different colors and even locked it. This tends to link a trend.

2. Using of iPhone:

99.9% of all internet fraudsters in Nigeria use iPhone, especially the latest to impress and intimidate others that are not among them. It’s a way to demarcate between them “the rich vs the poor”.

During that period when the EndSARS protest was ongoing, you’d hear people tell stories of their experiences with that notorious arm of the Police Force called SARS. If you paid attention to the trend, you’d notice that they were targeting and extorting money from young men who they feel are living large.

A friend talked about how they were apprehended by SARS simply because they possessed iPhones. should we call this poor man mentality?

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3. Always with a computer:

This is the master sign of an internet fraudster. Not many people will believe you when you say you have a legit job or business you are running online, and that is quite funny. It’s the belief that 100% of youth using computers in Nigeria are into internet fraud. This 5-reel machine consists of an expanded free spin mode along with a progressive jackpot tied to the slots board. Nigerian players are usually not as fortunate as the remainder of the world in terms of online casino games: There are few sites (check at https://thegamescasino.com) that accept the gamers from Nigeria, and we’re the place where you may play any slots without spending a dime and choose a trustful casino providing progressive jackpot games like the Mega Moolah slot.

A friend of mine was arrested in Lagos and his computer was seized because they asked him to on the computer and let them see what is inside unfortunately, it was off. It’s believed he’s an internet fraudster and he’s hiding things from them.

4. Riding car:

Any youth seeing riding a luxurious car, especially Benz is believed to be an internet fraudster. What do you think the #EndSARS protest was all about? This is part of it, arresting innocent people and pinning on them a crime they didn’t commit.

Anyways, what do I know? If you are riding the highways on a high-end luxury car like Benz, just be careful especially, if you are a lowkey hustler whose name doesn’t ring a bell.

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5. Dress in “designers”:

Well, it’s the belief that youth that dress in designers are into cyber crime. That’s the sense of common Nigeria. It’s weird, right? That’s it.

A lot of people have been arrested and detained because of the type of phones, cars or dress they have. it is ‘ridiculously funny’ when people are judged and tagged criminals because they are not on a low cut or because of the types of phones or cars they choose to use and ride.


Ogunobi Oluwaseyi Mary

Ogunobi Oluwaseyi Mary is a graduate of sociology from Bowen University. An advocate of social justice, crime reduction, and humanitarian services


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