5 Ways To Easily Identify Someone Who Graduated From OAU

Five ways to identify an OAU student or someone who Graduated From OAU | By Olanrewaju Oyedeji

1- A product of Obafemi Awolowo University is always cool. When you try to get him annoyed, he will smile at you, because he has seen more annoying scenarios. When he/she gets angry with you he will not keep it as malice but rather momentary anger.

2- A product of Obafemi Awolowo University will always be accommodating and friendly. At his place of work, he will relate with almost everyone because he is used to that already.

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3- A product of Obafemi Awolowo University loves punctuality. He/she comes to work early, sleeps less and is always focused on tasks.

4- An OAU student can multitask, it is what OAU has trained him for. An OAU student doesn’t walk like a snail, OAU students walk very fast like they are going for Lecture. OAU students make a joke of every situation and can’t withstand oppression, they speak up their mind and do it scientifically anywhere they are.

5) Have you met an OAU student? you don’t need to ask when you see them doing almighty aro. Aro is in their blood, they mean no harm, just pulling your legs.

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