10 Easy Ways To Master Public Speaking and Hold Your Audience Spellbound

10 Easy Ways To Master Public Speaking And Hold Your Audience Spellbound

By Tomiwa Ogunremi

Before I dig into public speaking proper, check out this simple truth. Aside from the fact that public speaking opportunities must come if you’re successful in your life endeavors, it’s also a multi-billion dollar industry.

The personal improvement industry of which professional public speaking is part of, is presently worth $9.9 billion.

Guess what?

The baby boomers generation of public speakers is gradually aging and these older gurus are dying or retiring worldwide. A new generation of self-improvement experts will have to emerge to take their place.

Are you ready to take over the baton from them?

10 Easy Ways To Master Public Speaking and Hold Your Audience Spellbound

If you’re ready, then mastering the art of public speaking now is very important now than ever.

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Here are 10 things you must master if you want to be a great public speaker that enjoys standing ovation at all times.

It’s normal to feel butterflies in your tummy and be seriously anxious when about to speak publicly but if you master the underlisted the anxiety will disappear in no time.

1- Know your message or topic

The first rule is to avoid speaking on a topic or an area you’re not familiar with. You’re most likely to talk boldly and with confidence on a topic, you have skill, knowledge, expertise, and experience in than the one you read about to share.

2- Know your audience.

This is equally very important. Knowing your audience demography, nature, status, lifestyle and expectations is very important in helping you to know how to say what you want to say in such a way that will resonate with your audience.

Audience, Concert, Music, Entertainment

3- Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

Practice, they say, makes perfect. No matter how you know your message or topic, don’t ever get to the point of going for engagement without rehearsing your speech or presentation.

Rehearse as many times as possible. Practice in front of a mirror. Practice with distractions.

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4- Use storytelling

It’s a known fact that humans love stories. Once, they hear, “once upon a time”, the entire hall goes silent and will give you their full attention.

Great TEDx speakers use storytelling to get attention and drive home their points.

5- Add humor and joke

Don’t be dry and maintain a straight face when speaking. Learn how to use things in the environment to add light humor and joke to your speech or presentation.

6- Find a style that works for you.

Don’t try to be like speaker A or B, find your style and stick to it. Some love using a projector, some love reading from a note, some without prepared note, others on a white whiteboard.

We’re not wired the same way, so, master your style.

7- Make eye contact

Don’t avoid making eye contacts with your audience. Ask for their names, call them by name intermittently gazing into their eyeballs. It’s a sign of confidence which makes your audience give you more rapt attention.

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8- Know the environment.

Try to know a bit about your environment in case you’re in another state or country. Learn native intelligence – culture, language, food, social life and native names. They help you blend easily with your audience.

9- Test all equipment.

Mic, Microphone, Sound Check, Sing

If possible, make sure you test all types of equipment at the venue of the event such as laptop, projector and sound equipment.

One equipment that malfunctions can affect everything about your speaking engagement.

10- Ask for feedback

Always ask for feedback after your speech. It helps you to identify the area where you should improve on or balance.


In conclusion, public speaking involves a lot of energy. Always exercise before your event and don’t turn down any opportunity to speak.

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