10 Websites You Need to Improve Your Front-end Skills by Building Real-world Projects

A front-end developer has one general responsibility: to ensure that website visitors can easily interact with the page. They do this through the combination of design, technology and programming to code a website’s appearance, as well as taking care of debugging.

The following are the 10 websites you need to improve your front-end skills by building real-world projects.

4 Steps to Become a Front-end Developer From Scratch


Improve your HTML and CSS skills by practicing on real design templates.


Over 7000+ tutorials and tons of challenges to complete along the way to test what you’ve learned to improve your front-end skills.


Challenge yourself in building different shapes with CSS and level your skills.


Challenge yourself to code and interview better, adjust difficulty levels and boost up your front-end skills.

Top 15 Websites to Learn Coding for Free in 2022


Challenges do weekly challenges for leveling up your skills by building things. Enroll in them and get picked and featured on the homepage.

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Solve real-world HTML, CSS and JavaScript challenges whilst working on professional designs. Build projects, review code, and help each other get better.


Enrol in awesome challenges and boost your skills by solving and building websites.


30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge. Build great websites and become an aspiring front-end web developer in 30 days.


Take your frontend skills to the next level by recreating real websites with helpful and curated resources.


Build something great for 100 days and take your CSS skills to next level. New challenges every day.

READ ALSO: 4 Steps to Become a Front-end Developer From Scratch

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