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WEDDING SEASON: 6 Basic Questions You Must Ask Yourself

WEDDING SEASON: 6 Basic Questions You Must Ask Yourself | By Adebukola Adesewa

As we are entering the season of enough Owambe i.e… no rain (September-December: Wedding Season), which is expected to be sunny and chill, a perfect weather for a wedding or any kind of event.

Within this period I have more than four invitations already and more are certain to come. It’s indeed the season of wedding harvest.

Now the question is who are those getting married? I discovered those getting married are either above the expected age limit of marriage or those below the expectations of marriage, many are rushing themselves into getting wedded without thinking of the after a deal of marriage because “2019 must not go”.


Trust me they have solid and rigid plans for the big day but no plans for the future days in marriage. My sister, I know you are tired of being single, tired of celebrating with your friends, buying Aso-ebi laces (trust me I know better, all my fine laces are aso-ebi), traveling up and down. Some will even say ”all my friends are married, who will now attend my wedding,?”

A wedding has now turned to competition amidst friends. Some, because they caught bouquets at friend’s wedding they automatically think they are next and start pressurizing the innocent brother who is working according to plans to make life comfortable for you.

Last year December, I attended weddings the 4 Saturdays, 2 as bride’s maid (I cannor kee mysef). I caught 3 bouquets out of 4 and I used it as decoration for my room and shoe rack. I am still a glad and godly maiden-in-waiting, no rush.

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Many have been asking me when I will get married, I will tell them ”I AM NOT MOVED BY THINGS OF THE WORLD”, trust me, I’m not intimidated they cannot marry my husband. I’ll not because of them go ahead and get married without adequate preparations, they will only come and eat our rice and Amala and they won’t check on me afterward. Many are in parboiled marriages, is it really worth it?

See my girlie, don’t be rushed, nobody can rush or intimidate you without your permission, it’s by choice, use your sense, have a plan, set a goal, be focused and don’t misplace priorities. You don’t have a job or solid business you want to get married, don’t compare yourself to your friends, our readiness is different.

You can’t compare house rent in Ife to that of Lagos, my sister no be beans. I know the pressure and expectations is much because you are of age? Even the junior ones are married, bros calm down fest. Do you want an asset or a liability? I want to be that ”DREAMED BRIDE” someday also, but it has to worth it. Many are suffering and smiling in silence, they will come to intimidate us on Instagram and Facebook, my dear sista use your sixth sense.

WEDDING SEASON: 6 Basic Questions You Must Ask Yourself

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Ask yourself basic questions like;

i). What is the purpose of coming together?
ii). What are the guidelines and rules of our marriage?
iii). Who are our mentors?
iv). Will i still love him if his money and handsome face are taken out? Will i still love her without the shape and curves?
v). If i see someone better than him/her won’t i be tempted?
vi). Do i love him/her for the real person they are?

Make sure to define all definitions before taking a walk to the alter so you won’t end up in the gutter.

God bless you and I love you.


Aderanti Adebukola Adesewa is Lover of Christ, Accountant, Relationship Coach, Public Speaker, Baker and Fashion Designer.

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