When An Unforeseen Incident Develops 

It is easy to deal with an expected occurrence. A job is coming to an end that you know in advance. The car you drive experiences gradual problems over time. These kinds of situations you can plan out with possible solutions. There are some things you can’t plan. Life just throws them at you.  What do you do when an Unforeseen Incident Develops?

Cactus On The Windshield

Have you ever had an unexpected occurrence or something that just happened out of the blue? You weren’t prepared for it. There were no signs. And seemingly at least at first no easy way to handle it?

It is just one of those situations that happens that you have to deal with at the moment.

Picture one day waking up and there is a cactus on your windshield, hood or roof of your car.

This actually happened in my neighbourhood of Old Town Scottsdale. This is not a place where people get natural disaster insurance. I have been here for almost most of my life and this is the first time I have ever seen a cactus on somebody’s’ windshield.

Imagine this person just got their cup of coffee walked outside and sees that there is a cactus on their car. Were they expecting this? Did they actively think well shouldn’t park the car there because something might fall on it? Probably not. This is now what most people think. But it may be time to have options before these circumstances occur.

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Panic may occur for a minute as your life seems to stop. Your method of transportation has jut been at least temporarily stifled.

Of course, if you have options already in place it becomes an easier situation to handle. The easiest solution to get the Uber or Lyft App. Or Learn the public transportation system. There are trolleys you can take sometimes or even the light rail.

Call a friend or carpool with someone from work.

 Workplace Engulfed In Flames

Let me give just one more scenario.

One day I turned on the TV and saw that a place in Scottsdale was on fire. I said to myself that looks familiar.

I work in that area. Suddenly, it dawned on me. My workplace was on fire. And then another thought took its space, I realized the place I used to work as is on fire.

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I knew from the pictures that the damage was severe enough we would not be going back soon.

Nobody plans and thinks to themselves maybe I should look for another job my workplace may catch on fire someday! But wouldn’t be better to have resources in place already to alleviate that anxiety.

One way is by having experience in a couple of different industries. Have trouble finding work in this industry well create two other options.

Recommendation letters get another one. If you have three get a fourth.

Don’t burn all of your bridges.

Decide on a few different industries. Keep another option open.

And then when those unexpected situations occur they will be easier to handle and your anxieties will quickly subside with more options readily available.

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