WHO IS A WIFE MATERIAL? By Aderanti Adebukola Adesewa

wife material tips

Friends, let’s settle this long-lasting question once and for all. Not every lady is worth marrying. The fact that you’ve dated her for many years doesn’t make the lady an automatic candidate for marriage. Not all relationships must lead to marriage, keep this fact! The aim of dating is to study your partner to see if she possesses qualities you can live with for the rest of your life. Any lady who has the qualities below is worth marrying.

Basically, in the mind of God, HE created a woman to come and support the man. “The LORD God said,… I will make a helper suitable for a man.” (Gen. 2:18). In simple terms, any lady who doesn’t support, encourage and help her man is not a wife material. She must be ready to extend a helping hand to her man. A wife material is progressive minded and comes with an addition, not a subtraction.

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A wife material is physically attractive to you. She has all or most of the physical features you desire in a woman. Look for a woman who turns you on. She must appeal to your eyes. If you marry someone who doesn’t physically appeal to you, you have a very high tendency of cheating in the future, when you meet a lady who has your desired qualities.

A wife material knows how to keep secret. If your girlfriend likes discussing you with her friends, she’s not worth marrying. A man wields respect if people don’t know his weaknesses. If your lady discusses your weaknesses with her friends and family, you become a laughing stock. Her loose talk can even lead to your fall/death. Remember Sampson and Delilah? Don’t wait till you die, leave the talkative girl.

A wife material doesn’t compete with you, she completes you. If your lady constantly reminds you that she’s equal to you, she can do everything you do, etc, my friend, you are living with a competitor. Run away. A wife material is submissive. She makes the man feel complete. She encourages the man and makes her shoulder available for the man to lean on.

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A wife material is virtuous. She carries herself with dignity. She doesn’t cheat or flirt around. She’s quick to apologize when she makes mistakes. She’s morally upright and doesn’t defend a wrong doing. A wife material has the respect of your friends and family. She doesn’t throw herself at them.

A wife material loves and understands you. This is perhaps the most important element in a wife material. She loves and always wants to be with you. She loves you for who you are and not what you have. She’s with you when things go good and in bad times too, she’s with you.

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