‘WIND-VANE’ Politician Everywhere By Dúródolá Abíólá Eportah – Political

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Defection from one political party to another has turned into a norm in Nigeria, and this cannot be disconnected from the ideologically malnourished leaders that parades our political scene. Even the ‘progressives’ as claimed never live up to the what the term connotes. As my friends in a class group submitted, “the place of political ideology has been relegated to the background”. So I am not surprised with what is happening amongst our politicians as 2019 looms. Ours is to know the stand we take so we won’t fail the coming generation.

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Conservatives and the Liberals are found among the US Republicans and Democrats. While the independents also take a clear stand on issues at the front burner in the country. Socialism, Communism, and Fascism are the ideology we grew up to learn about. Many of the Russian revolutionaries maintain a clear stand – Frederich Engels, Leon Trotsky, Michael Lenin were socialists preaching against the ill government of the capitalist. The 20th-century leaders in Africa such as Patrice Lumumba, Julius Nyerere, Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, and the Walter Rodney were all up against the European imperialist.

In Nigeria, the fourth republic has been characterized with political promiscuity among Nigeria politicians. The first republic according to history was when we recorded the birth and death of ideology in Nigeria. Northern Peoples Congress (NPC) was an essentially conservative and elitist party, while the Action Group (AG) and National Council of Nigerians and Cameroon (NCNC) appeared to be progressive and welfare conscious, predicated upon socialist ideology.

You see, the ruling party enjoys the best share. So, everyone run to seek refuge especially when the dagger seems to be out looking for who to bring down. I am not amazed, an election is coming, and power is what everyone seeks so a platform to display their spending spree to the electorate is what is good for them.

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In a saner clime, parties like PDP with the ranks in the party wouldn’t have the gut of coming out from where it was sent to. On the other side, APC has also failed in the living of to her manifesto and took joy bamboozling people with lies and welcoming those that brought the country to its present state with open arms.

We shall see, 2019 is here. I hope we find men with clear ideology beyond political parties this time around. Nigeria has men with vision, those that can change things around. Many have been handicapped due to political permutations that tilt towards some old rogues and Godfatherism.

Dúródolá Abíólá Eportah

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