For Women Only: 4 Key Responsibilities to Save Your Marriage

It is the responsibility of both parties involved in any given marriage to watch and help each other grow in all ramifications. As we would be talking solely on the responsibility of a wife in building his husband (marriage). This article would be more tilted toward focusing on the wife’s responsibilities only.

Helping your husband grow is not a negotiable task for you as a wife. I understand the fact that you are not into a marriage to build or fix any grown man but to have your own chance to build a family together.

Family building as it is, heavily involves building each other and making every member of the family grow in the appropriate philosophical, spiritual, anatomical, physiological and psychological pattern.

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For Women Only: 4 Key Responsibilities to Save Your Marriage

So, no matter how the 21st-century syndrome of modern marriage must have eaten you up. It’s still your responsibility to look after your husband in every aspect of his life’s growth.

You’re probably confused about how it is possible to manage the growth of your husband. Well, from the little reservoir of the things that are thought to be the most important aspects of an average man’s life, a few would be touched so you can know where to focus on.

1- Check Your Husband’s Netiquette 

It is important and very advisable that you often check the online or virtual community etiquette (netiquette) of your husband every now and then. This is so important because, in a world that’s fast-growing and more people getting aware and conscious of how we make use of these virtual places, some of the things we do online can either mar or make us.

A clear example of how bad netiquette can affect anyone in the case of Justine Sacco. An airline attendant who twitted a very ugly statement on Twitter, she had just only 200 followers on her Twitter account but the statement was retweeted over 2,000 times which eventually cost her job and reputation.

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You don’t want your husband sitting all day around the home just because he got fired for bad netiquette.

The reason why it’s advisable to constantly read your husband’s Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, Instagram way of life and Telegram attitudes is that an average man would spend about four (4) to five (5) years of his life operating his phone which means a lot of time and this tells where he is most likely to show any symptom of change very quickly.

2- Check Your Husband’s General Psychological Health

The way he interacts with people is as important as the type of food he loves to consume. You should pay attention to the way he approaches simple matters of life. This is where you’ll notice the tone of aggressiveness, depression, irresponsibility, sexuality, tribalism and other things that might bother any average person about how he’s growing psychologically.

You don’t want to wake up to the reality that your husband jumped off the Third-Mainland bridge, or is messing with a minor, or beats up a man to stupor just because he’s not from his tribe. This is why you should be involved in how he’s growing.

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For Women Only: 4 Key Responsibilities to Save Your Marriage

Always pay attention to the type of philosophy he consumes. Consistently pay attention to the type of radio programs he listens to. The acts he gives support to. What he feels is right or wrong about certain critical issues such as beating up a wife, gender equality, child gender choice, etcetera.

This philosophies he consumes is the basis for everything he would become.

3- Watch His Diet

You see men can be quite careless about a lot of things which is not exclusive to their choice of diet but you should help him watch how he’s making his diet.

Watching your husband’s diet is tantamount to watching his general health. Getting cancer, getting diarrhea, getting diabetes, loss of sight, getting high blood pressure, and a lot of very serious health problems is directly proportional to the way your husband’s diet is arranged.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to spend a lot of time worrying about a sick husband bedridden in the hospital hanging on to every breath like it’ll be the last just because he was very careless about what he chose to consume and consume not.

4- Watch His Three Male’s Habits

In my own perception, there are three habits almost every one in twenty average male is very likely to abuse one of them, the three habits are;

1. Womanizing

2. Drinking

3. Gambling.

You should pay attention to the one he’s abusing among the three habits and very carefully approach it because it is a part of a man that is very likely to spark defensive arguments.

This is important because a womanizing man might one day bring home sexually transmitted diseases that’ll, in turn, get to you. A man with heavy drinking habits can become very terrible psychologically and financially. A man who has a very bad gamble habit might one day take all your joint investments (if you have any), or his personal investment or steal your life savings to stake on gambles.

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