Thinking of Working in Toronto? Here Are 5 Ways To Help Optimize Your Search

Thinking of Working in Toronto Someday? Here Are 5 Ways That Can Help Optimize Your Search | By Tunde Omotoye

So, Toronto continues to add the most technology jobs in the past five years in Canada. Shockingly, the city has the 4th-best tech talent market in both U.S and Canada combined.

However, there are other opportunities and here’s how to work towards clinching one. These are amazing ways you can optimize your search for working in Toronto.

1- First is to do extensive research of your field. Don’t just go to job sites and look for jobs.

Research trends, in-demand-skills and top employers of such jobs. Also, note Toronto is Canada’s financial center, and as such, the city boasts plenty of jobs in said sector.

To add, other big industries in Toronto include media, tourism and tech. City also has a huge growing of startup companies. There’s also a wide range of other industries not mentioned.

Knowing your industry and having a wealth of knowledge on the trends & skills will go a long way.

2- Next is to look online.

Don’t just cast your net on a wide search. Be specific. Tailor your search and be smart about it.

Having said so, here are some very good jobs sites I’d recommend:

– Toronto Jobs
– Workopolis
– Eluta
– Career Builder
– Hot Jobs in Canada

Other sites you are probably aware of are:

– Indeed
– LinkedIn
– SimplyHired
– Monster

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3- Use a Recruiter

Be rest assured a recruiter has your vested interest because the employer would pay them. Hence, they put in extra effort to help get your desired role. You can then transition into a Full Time afterwards.

Here are highly respected recruiters in Toronto:

Search for these recruiters on google:

– Apex Life Sciences: Science & Engineering field

– The Judge Group: Tech & Healthcare field

– The Select Group: Different fields

– Aquent: Different fields

– Procom: Tech field

– Vitamin T: Creative field

4- Clear Cut CV/Resume

One can not over-emphasize the importance of a CV that creates a great first impression.

Great thing is, the majority of the recruiters above will help tweak and update your resume based on the jobs they apply for on your behalf.

5- Make use of your networking skill.

I have read stories, I have met people and I can testify that with networking, the right employee referral can increase your chances tenfold of landing that job.

Asides from the regular ‘paddy-paddy’ networking, if you are highly skilled at networking in an event, then you should check out these networking places in Toronto:


– Toronto Business Casual
– The Hip Haus
– Ellevate Network
– Toronto Eventful’s Networking Meetups

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