Reasons Why Many Writers Are Not Successful By Angela Ibukunoluwa

This article will treat Amazing Reasons Why a Lot of Writers Are Not Successful By Angela Ibukunoluwa Komolafe
Do you know that writing is a craft?

A lot of writers don’t know this. They take writing as a hobby and not as a craft. This is the reason why they are not successful. The truth is that if you want to become successful in your writing, you also have to stop treating writing as a hobby and start treating it as a craft.

Writing is a craft and like every other craft, writing has it own modus operandi.

A successful craftsman understands the modus operandi of his craft.

A successful craftsman is also clear from the onset of the specific craft he wants to learn. And he focuses and commits himself to it.

A lot of writers are not clear about the specific craft (niche) that ought to focus on in the writing industry.

They don’t have a clue of their message to the world. So they are not focused and consistent. They write everything about everything. Yet they wonder why they are not achieving success.

A successful craftsman, however, learns and models from a master who has achieved the kind of success he desires.

A lot of writers are not intentional about honing their writing skills by learning from pro writers. They think they can become pro writers by merely practising writing.

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No! It doesn’t work that way.

While practising writing on a consistent basis will make you a better writer, it will not necessarily make you a pro writer.

A successful craftsman willingly pays not just money but service and loyalty to his master.

A lot of writers do not want to pay for mentorship. They expect their ‘desired’ mentor to offer their services to them free of charge.

A successful writer knows that success is not instantaneous. But that it also requires patience, focus and dedication to the craft.

A lot of writers are looking for overnight success. They also don’t want to pay the price. Yet they also want to take take the prize.

A successful craftsman is aware that his craft is a business. He puts in place systems and structures to help it run smoothly.

A lot of writers don’t take their writing as a business. They just do things haphazardly and expect it to be successful.

A successful craftsman does not sit still and expect customers to come because he is exceptional at want he does. Rather he goes to seek for customers using intelligent marketing strategies.

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A lot of writers don’t showcase their works to their ideal audience. They don’t have any marketing strategy in place. They expect their audience to c that because they are good, their audience

Can you now see the reason why a lot of writers are not successful?

Success if not accidental, it is also intentional.

If you want to become successful as a writer, you have to start thinking and acting like the craftsman I illustrated above.



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