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Who Can Lead Nigeria Out of The Nightmare? YOUTH TAKE OVER

Youth Take Over.

I have taken time to study the dynamics of the governance we have today and the more the day, the more it is becoming the worst nightmare. I asked myself why we are maltreated and ungodly? Also, I was amazed when we voted in the agent of change who promised us heaven on earth and later besieges on us agonies just as if things fall apart.

I asked myself again, is it there fault? Without a drop of doubt, swing through my sense how we joke a lot with things that are costing us our future. Like this one where monkey swallowed N70 millions and snake swallowed N36 millions. We begin to tag “snake in the monkey shadow” where those old leaders are easily sprouting with our futures.

Another question came across, who are those making the tags and who are those making the happenings? The simplest answer I was able to give was the old leaders who we offered the chance to pilot our affairs that now begins to lay us back with enunciating gossips purposeful for their interest.

It is a shame in the life of a country which was once the ‘giant of Africa’. I sift and asked myself, are these their faults? No, if not the youths that gave them the chance.

Youth take over, I found it appealing when the motion was moved and realize its time to define the word consistency with growth.

The time our feelings need to be fulfilled about real politics discuss. The greed and overrated propagandists parties who pushed us around have to stop peddling our interest. Neither the PDP nor the APC or any other allotted party can take us to the promising arena. Therefore, we need new philanthropist, new ideologies that would cast the long bewildered threats.

The old wagon leaders achievements cannot be justified in comparison to the hardship, inflation, unemployment of youths, economic recession, under the equipped hospital, decay of educational system, the erratic downfall of education standard and the national growth.

Those old leaders brought these to us. The youths need to prioritize and take our pride in changing history. We need to sacrifice for the unborn. In addition, we all need to prove of not being machines, we are not robots. Let show them we know what they are doing to us, and collectively through unity, we are ready to stop them.

However, we should be committed to standardize and sanitize the Nigeria political emporium. The ace of the old leaders is to keep us poor. They are always after getting us manipulated. They walk on us with the influence of our stolen money. Thereafter, they used their political strategies to keep us hungry and promptly turned politics into money business.

During the election period, they gave us bread and steal away our future for complete 4years; they promised us not to be fulfilled basis and meal our hood for a day to enjoy the rest of 3years and 364days left. They overshadowed our interest in money politics. The youths should stand to end it; we should with our one voice of vibrancy refused to sell our future and that of the unborn.

Youth Take Over, our commitment to engendering a new Nigeria will be attained if and only we are ready to say no to money politics. The idea of being a political animal/servant should be drowned. We should use all the available avenue to make our voice heard. Therefore, we need to show them our valiant. We should keep on beating the drum till everyone can dance to the beat.

Although, it seems a herculean task but achievable. Let’s put aside personal/emotional interests and sentiments. We should maximize the use of the available gadget to educate, empower, enlighten, and organize ourselves for the monumental assignments because we’ve been pushed around enough.

We can begin the ideology by getting informed about the electoral acts and bye-laws. Eschewing ultra vitiated bellicosity among us, sifting through the new ones from any political party with specific ideas and personal proven track record to the macrocosm community and humanity demonstrating been efficient to pilot the affairs.

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Youth Take Over! At no point should any youth speak on behalf of anybody who is flinty enough to rule at old age? Imagine brains and life’s that have been adversely affected severely due to the recklessness exhibited and the story of “serve the father, serve the son” which now spread like a viral disease.

The issue of being a godfather should be knocked down. The youth should inhibit the will of making things happen themselves.

Furthermore, the moment the visions are envisaged, it then turns into a matter of time and compassion before it becomes history. The utmost zeal in reinforcing Nigeria concession of a new nation is making a move begin with you. It’s essential and more crucial to be diplomatic, visionary and encompass the status quo in building a New Nigeria.


Stop them from the inhumane treatment; we can make it happen.

I Stand with; #NotTooYoungToRule

Alatise Ibrahim Olu.

An Anticipating Nigeria SENATOR.

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