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Whether It is a Legitimate Money or Not, Youths Are Not Lazy By Ajayi

Youths Are Not Lazy; Whether It is a Legitimate Money or Not.

Guess what? Miracle is now a millionaire.

I will be forced to insult Mr president if he ever insults any youths, Nigerians as a whole.

Are you worthy of that post, Mr. President?

You went outside the country ranting nonsense about youths been lazy and unable to work like you have created jobs and the youths are refusing to work. Mr. President, it’s actually not your fault, I don’t expect that you talk from a reasonable sense and mind, you’ve been through a lot. Blood transfusion, change of your body immunity, you can never talk well in sense.

You have been embezzling the people’s money on health issues and you have the guts to say evil about the youths of the federal republic of Nigeria. It a disgrace and you are hereby notified you write to the youths of Nigerians letter of apology in nothing less than 450 words, can you? You will have to hire someone to do that for you.

What level of education do you have? From your look it should be nothing but primary six certificate holder, grace has found you. All you can do to repay those who voted you in for the seat is go outside the country and lambast them as lazy youths.

We have graduates and professors who are worthy of that post you have been sitting upon with sickness today and tomorrow. For example, your vice president, you are embezzling the people’s money on your illness. I also plead for the release of Patrick Evans, he never wanted that for himself. Nigeria’s situation under the reign of Mr president Muhammad Buhari caused him what he founded himself doing.

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A corrupt country with corrupted officials. Senators and many more should be eradicated from the house of assembly. We don’t want the old to rule any longer. We have capable youths who are bold enough to handle the post of the presidency, Senate, and other top officials.

Don’t kill the future for us now. We disdain you the corrupted people in power leading Nigerians to destruction.

Our youths are not lazy give us the chance to rule and change some of the laws. You will see what we shall do well.

Nigerians youths are the only option to change Nigeria. Nigerians for the betterment of the future we want.

The likes of Mr president, and old Senators holding the powerful post in Nigeria, these men are old to think very deeply in this our generation of modernization. Give it to the youths to introduce us to the new system to govern and lead Nigerians. Don’t forget we are in the world of technology, civilization to be precised.

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Buhari you are old, please leave power to let the youths you called lazy introduced us to the new system in town.

Leave in peace and you are assured immunity. We will leave you in peace with the money you have embezzled.

All we want is progress.


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